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What is the Difference Between a Custom Suit vs a Tailored Suit?

May 15, 2024 / By Mahananda Sarkar / in Suit

Nothing beats the sophistication and fit of a well-crafted suit when elevating your style. However, the terms custom suit and tailored suit are often confused. Are they the same? If not, what sets them apart? This post will guide you through the world of custom and tailored suits, helping you decide on your next high-quality garment.

What is a Custom Suit?

custom suit is created from scratch based on the wearer’s measurements. It involves choosing every detail, from fabric choices to buttons and lining. The process starts with a master tailor taking comprehensive body measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Then, an original pattern is made just for you, and the suit is constructed from this paper pattern. This level of personalization means that a custom suit often comes with a higher price tag, but the result is a bespoke garment that fits like no other.

What is a Tailored Suit?

On the other hand, a tailored suit starts its life as an off-the-rack suit. It’s a pre-made suit that a tailor adjusts or alters to fit an individual better. Tailoring can involve shortening sleeves, taking in the waist of the jacket, or hemming the trousers. While it won’t offer the same level of customization as a custom suit, tailoring a suit is a great way to achieve a well-fitting suit without the bespoke price tag.

Key Features of Custom Suit

  • Bespoke Tailoring: Every aspect of the suit is made to your specifications.
  • Selection Of Fabrics: Choose from hundreds of fabrics, including high-quality and sustainable fabric choices.
  • Fitting Sessions: Multiple fittings may be required to ensure the perfect fit, with adjustments made at each stage.

Key Features of Tailored Suit

  • Adjustments to Existing Suits: Improves the fit of off-the-rack and tailored suits.
  • Cost-Effective: A more affordable option than a full custom suit.
  • Quicker Process: Fewer fittings are required, meaning you get your suit faster.

Benefits of Custom Suits

Custom suits offer unparalleled individuality and fit. They signify wealth and sophistication, reflecting personal style to the last detail. The wearer controls fabric options, designs, and features with custom suits, making it a truly custom garment.

Benefits of Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are ideal for those who need a quick fit adjustment or are working within a tighter budget. They provide a well-fitting suit that feels more personal and comfortable than a straight off-the-rack optionTailoring allows you to select a suit that closely matches your body type and refine the fit for comfort and style.

Custom Suits Offer More Options



With a custom suit, the sky’s the limit regarding personalization. Everything is customizable from the fabric choices, which can range from luxurious wools to breathable linens, to the precise cut tailored to your body shape, and even the thread color used for buttonholes. You can choose the lining, the lapel style, the number of buttons, and additional features like pockets or monograms. This level of detail allows you to create a truly unique suit, reflecting your style and ensuring a perfect fit.

Tailored Suits Are Ideal for Standard Body Types

Tailored suits offer an excellent solution for those with standard body types by providing a quick and cost-effective way to achieve a slim-fit or 2-piece suit. These suits can give the appearance of being made-to-measure without the bespoke price tag or the lengthy wait time. Tailored suits are designed with precision to ensure a comfortable fit, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking both style and affordability.

Why Choose Peter Panos for Custom and Tailored Suits?

We specialize in custom and tailored suits at Peter Panos, offering expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our experience and dedication ensure that each piece we create is a masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke suit for your wedding day, crafted with the finest fabrics and meticulous precision, or a tailored suit for business that exudes professionalism and style, we ensure a perfect fit and personalized service at every step. We take pride in comprehending your unique needs and preferences, making the process of creating your suit a truly bespoke experience.


Choosing between a custom suit vs a tailored suit depends on your needs, budget, and timeline. Custom suits offer unmatched personalization and a perfect fit but come at a higher cost and require more time. Tailored suits, while less customizable, are a practical option for quickly achieving a better-fitting suit at a more accessible price point. Whether you choose, investing in a custom or tailored suit is investing in your confidence and presentation.

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Why Choose a Custom Suit?

Custom suits are the epitome of personal style and fit perfection. They allow you to:

  • Select from a wide range of fabrics & design details.
  • Achieve a fit that is precisely tailored to your body measurements.
  • Express your style through bespoke tailoring choices.

Can Tailored Suits Look as Good as Custom Suits?

Yes, tailored suits can closely match the appearance of custom suits, especially for those with standard body types. By refining the fit of a pre-made suit, tailors can significantly enhance its look and feel, making it appear nearly as personalized as a bespoke garment.

How Much More Expensive Are Custom Suits Compared to Tailored Suits?

While prices can vary widely based on fabric choices and design details, custom suits generally come with a higher price tag due to the level of personalization and the bespoke tailoring process involved. Tailored suits, being modifications of existing garments, are typically more affordable.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Custom Suit?

The time frame for creating a custom suit can vary, but it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. This includes initial measurements, choosing fabrics and designs, & multiple fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

How Can I Ensure My Suit Fits Perfectly?

Whether you opt for a custom or tailored suit, the key to a perfect fit lies in:

  • For Custom Suits: Accurate measurements and clear communication with your tailor about your preferences.
  • For Tailored Suits: Choosing a pre-made suit that closely fits your body type, allowing for simpler adjustments.

Why Choose Peter Panos for Custom and Tailored Suits?

At Peter Panos, we pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized service. Whether you’re seeking a custom suit for a special occasion or a tailored suit for professional wear, we’re dedicated to ensuring a perfect fit and a garment that reflects your style.