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Single Breasted vs Double Breasted Suits: Which One to Choose?

Nov 23, 2023 / By / in Suit , Jacket

Suits are considered to be the embodiment of formal attire for men. For centuries, suits have been a staple in the wardrobe of men from all walks of life, be it politicians, business tycoons, or simply anyone wanting to look dapper. Suit jackets come in different styles and cuts to match varying body types, styles and preferences. Among the different styles available in the market,  single breasted vs double breasted suitsare by far the most popular. They are both stylish and comfortable in their way, however, the question that arises is, which one should you choose? In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between double breasted suit vs single breasted and which one is right for you.      

Exploring Single Breasted Suits     

Single Breasted Suit

Single breasted suits    are the most common type of suits that can be seen almost everywhere. They are usually worn for business meetings, job interviews, and weddings. The main characteristic of single breasted suits is that it has a single row of buttons on the front of the jacket. They are stylish, modern, and versatile and can be worn with virtually any style of dress pants and a variety of dress shirts and ties.       

Single breasted suits are a perfect choice for men who prefer a more minimalistic fashion style. They provide a sleek, slimming look without the bulkiness of extra fabric that  double breasted suitspossess. The cut of single breasted suits is flattering to most body types, making them an ideal choice for individuals who like a slim fit look or for men who are not very tall.      

Understanding Double Breasted Suits



Double breasted suits are considered a more traditional style of  suits. They have been around for over a century and were originally seen as a formal choice of attire for men. The main characteristic of double breasted suits is that they have two rows of buttons on the front of the jacket, overlapping each other. The style of the double breasted suit is more classic and elegant, that provides the wearer with an understated elegance and sophistication.       

The bulkiness of double breasted suits is an advantage for men who want to create an illusion of broad shoulders. They work great for men who have a narrow frame, as they give the body visual symmetry and evenness. However, it’s important to note that double breasted suits can be restricting in movement and can make the wearer feel restrained.      

The Versatility of Single vs Double Breasted Suits     

Both double-breasted suit vs single breasted has their unique look and style. The decision to go for either one depends on personal style, comfort, and the occasion. Single breasted suits offer a more modern and minimalistic look while providing greater ease of movement. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right combination of dress pants, shirts, and ties.      

On the other hand, double breasted suits have a more classic and elegant style. They are considered a more formal option, perfect for fancy events and ceremonies. The bulkiness of double-breasted suits, though restricting, creates a more symmetrical look and gives an individual presence. Their style and cut can make a statement in a professional setting, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of colleagues and customers alike.      

How to Choose Between Single Breasted and Double-Breasted Suits     

When it comes to choosing between double breasted vs single breasted suits, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and occasion. Consider the following factors before making your decision:      

- The occasion: Consider the type of event for which you will be wearing the suit. Is it a formal event or a more casual one?       

- Personal style: Consider your style and preference. Do you prefer a more modern and minimal look or a more classic and elegant style?       

- Body type: Consider the type of body you have. Do you have a slim build or a broader frame?       

- Comfort: Consider your comfort levels. Are you comfortable with the bulkiness of double-breasted suits or do you prefer the ease of movement in single breasted suits?       


In conclusion, choosing between single breasted and double breasted suits comes down to personal preference, body type, and occasion. Double vs single breasted suits are modern, versatile, and ideal for people who prefer a minimalistic look. Double breasted suits,  on the other hand, provide a classic and elegant look, perfect for more formal occasions. Regardless of your preference, it’s important to choose a suit that you feel comfortable in and makes you feel confident. So take your time, weigh your options and make a choice that suits you best.      


What's The Difference Between a Single Breasted And a Double Breaded Suit?     

Another notable difference between single-breasted and double-breasted suits lies in the lapels. Single-breasted suits typically feature notched lapels, whereas double-breasted suits have peak lapels. There are always exceptions to this rule, but you'll usually find that most double-breasted suit jackets have peak lapels instead of notches.      

What is The Difference Between a Double Breasted Jacket And a Single Jacket?     

Double-breasted suit silhouettes always lean toward elegance and evoke a bygone era. Conversely, single-breasted suit jackets can be dressed to look elegant, contemporary, or traditional. They can also be classy and classic, such as a jacket with two breasts. The impacts of single-breasted jackets are far more varied.      

Should You Wear a Single-Breasted Suit?     

With well-defined waists and typically just one or two button fastenings on the most understated designs, single-breasted suits have also become slimmer. Single- and double-breasted suits are currently on par in terms of style. Both possess style and sharpness.